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Elinchrom 39" Rotalux Deep OctaBox 15° Grid

Elinchrom Rotalux

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More pictures on Flickr: Elinchrom 39" Rotalux Deep OctaBox 15° Grid


NEW Universal Grids

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Link to Universal Grid Product Pages


  1. Freedom to use grid on numerous reflectors (Elinchrom, Profoto, Broncolor, etc.)
  2. Maximum gridded light output (no grid ring on the inside of your reflector to block light)
  3. More control of your light (no light leak around the outside of the grid)


  1. 25° Light Diffusion Pattern
  2. Hardware: four 3” & four 6” positioning rods
  3. Durable Polycarbonate Grid Material
  4. Lightweight Aluminum Frame
  5. Grid Mounting Instructions
  6. Measuring your reflector to determine the correct Universal Grid

45° Grids Now Available!


That’s right you now have two options for our stock size and custom grids: 25° or 45°.  Please contact us for more information.

For Videographers: The 45° Grid for the LitePanels 1x1 is now available.

That’s right you now have two options for our stock size grids 25° or 45°.  We can make custom sized 45° grids, too.  Please contact us for details.

White Grid vs. Black Grid


Lumodi 14" three feet from neutral light brown wall. Canon EOS 5D MKII, 28-300mm IS L USM II lens at 70 mm. 1/200 sec f5. Camera at 10 feet from wall.


3° Grids Now Available!


Currently there are five grids to choose from.  Contact us about other sizes available.

1. Profoto® Zoom Reflector II 3° Grid
2. Profoto® Standard 7" Reflector 3° Grid
3. Speedotron Standard 7" 3° Grid
4. LitePanels 1x1 3° Grid
5. DIY 3°, 5° & 7° Grid Material


What can we make for you?

Recent Projects:

Profoto RingFlash Grid

Wescott Softbox Grid

LitePanels MicroPro Grid

Profoto RingFlash Grid Wescott Apollo Softbox Grid Litepanels MicroPro Grid
Square, Rectangle, Circle, Octagon, etc. We can make a Grid to your specs. Please contact us with your needs.

Grid Diffusion Patterns

diffusion-iconWhat is the shape of light produced by the different Grid sizes?                             

Read more: Grid Diffusion Patterns


Blogger Discount Program

Blogger Discount ProgramPhotography Bloggers we've got good news for you!  We like giving discounts to bloggers who share their photography passion with others.  

Here's how the program works: Write a product review or post pictures of HoneyGrids in use and we'll give you a 10% discount. 

Read more: Blogger Discount Program


“Get it Fast” Shipping

TruckYellow-48x48We're not one to let the dust settle... and we realize that waiting isn't any fun. So when you order- we ship asap.

Money Back Guarantee

smile_grin_48If you're not 100% satisfied with any of our products then let us know so we can help. In the event that this product just isn't for you then send it back within the first 30 days of the purchase date and we'll refund your money- no questions asked.

Custom Beauty Dish & Softbox Grids

Square, Rectangle, Circle, Octagon, etc. We can make a Grid to your specs. Please contact us with your needs.

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