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Magnetic Precision Flex-Arm Flash / Camera Support

Magnetic Precision Flex-Arm Flash / Camera Support

Part # CMMB

Precision Flex-Arm Flash / Camera Support with Magnetic Base

With photography it's all about controlling your light...

This strong, flexible arm can be manipulated into many different positions to give you the perfect angle on your strobe light. Attach your flash or camera to the 1/4" male thread and secure it with the ergonomic tightening knob. Then, stick the magnetic base onto something with magnetic properties OR stand it upright and you're ready to go!

The combination of the thick 3/4" diameter flex-arm and magnetic base makes this support capable of holding gravity defying positions! See the pictures below! Though it's not pictured this support is capable of holding flashes completely upside down when magnetized.

To be redundant this magnetically secured flash / camera support allows for great adjustment and unique positioning of a flash, camera, microphone, IPod, camcorder, etc, etc.

Product Weight: 10.0000 ounces

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Square, Rectangle, Circle, Octagon, etc. We can make a Grid to your specs. Please contact us with your needs.

Made in the USA

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